DGM Optics 2.0” Nebula Filters

(Prices Include S&H in Continuous US)  



VHT 2.0  Inch Nebula Filter  $140                                                          


NPB  2.0  Inch Nebula Filter  $150                 

GCE  2.0  Inch Nebula Filter  $160            

OIII  2.0  Inch Nebula Filter  $130           

   On Sale!


If you wish to be on a “Notify List” for ordering out-of-stock DGM Astrofilters send an email with the header Notify + the filter you want to order. Example: Notify NPB1.25


Or you can order a “Cosmetic Second by sending an email with the header specifying the filter you want to order. You will receive a link to order. Because of limited quantity these filters are not available on a continuous basis.


As of 5/31/13 there are (5) 2” NPB available. Price is $130 and includes S&H to lower 48 US states. You can also be put on a notify list to order if/when cosmetic seconds become available.



You will receive a reply when the item is back in stock.

Thank you for your patience!