DGM Optics is pleased to announce the OA-8 F/8.5 featuring the highly portable, and beautifully crafted Teeter Scopes dobsonian mounting systems.

For 10 years Rob Teeter has been offering some of the most highly regarded, larger aperture, dobsonian telescopes available to amateur astronomers.

Besides great portability, and elegant appearance, Teeter Scopes have featured excellent optics, by some of the most respected and highly regarded optical craftsmen in the business. Now we can add the superb and highly regarded optics from Dodgen Optical to that list!

The image on the right is of a Teeter Scope OA-9 F/9 Custom. The OA-8 F/8.5 will feature a shorter focal length and excellent zenith observing for most observers, with a full 8 of unobstructed aperture!

Also the OA-6 can now be ordered with Teeter Scopes Solid Tube Series (STS) mounts!


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